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Addendum: List of Adventure Time media

A list of every Adventure Time story that has been considered for use in the timeline. Let me know if I'm missing anything. Activity books, production material (e.g. scrapped episodes), web games, non-original comic compilations, and episode novelizations are not included.

Dates given for episodes are US television premier dates. Early release dates on iTunes, the CN app, or via leaks are not shown.

The year headers serve as approximations and will not be accurate in every case.

Key to media type
AEAnimated episode
ASAnimated short
PRPromo / YouTube short
CBComic book
GNGraphic novel
VGVideo game

Key to canonicity
TTop tier: Episodes and shorts created by the show's crew, plus selected guest-animated episodes.
MMiddle tier: Licensed material created by members of the show's cast and crew.
BBottom tier: Licensed material created by people not associated with the production of the show.
PProduction tier: Production material (including the pilot episode and art books) as well as material made by crew members but not endorsed by Cartoon Network.
NNon-canon: Licensed material which is objectively not canon, including most guest-animated episodes and all crossovers with other series.

Please note that canonicity does not necessarily equate to continuity. For example, The Adventure Time Encyclopaedia is middle tier canon since it was written by Martin Olson (the voice of Hunson Abadeer), but it contains several continuity errors regarding Marceline's past due to the fact that it was released before Stakes.

Media nameReleased
996 AMB
Finn is 12
Adventure Time (pilot)2007-01-11ASP
S01E01 Slumber Party Panic2010-04-05AET
S01E02 Trouble in Lumpy Space2010-04-05AET
S01E03 Prisoners of Love2010-04-12AET
S01E04 Tree Trunks2010-04-12AET
S01E05 The Enchiridion!2010-04-19AET
S01E06 The Jiggler2010-04-19AET
S01E07 Ricardio the Heart Guy2010-04-26AET
S01E08 Business Time2010-04-26AET
S01E09 My Two Favorite People2010-05-03AET
S01E10 Memories of Boom Boom Mountain2010-05-03AET
S01E11 Wizard2010-05-10AET
S01E12 Evicted!2010-05-17AET
S01E13 City of Thieves2010-05-24AET
S01E14 The Witch's Garden2010-06-07AET
S01E15 What is Life?2010-06-14AET
S01E16 Ocean of Fear2010-06-21AET
S01E17 When Wedding Bells Thaw2010-06-28AET
S01E18 Dungeon2010-07-12AET
S01E19 The Duke2010-07-19AET
S01E20 Freak City2010-07-26AET
S01E21 Donny2010-08-09AET
S01E22 Henchman2010-08-23AET
S01E23 Rainy Day Daydream2010-09-06AET
S01E24 What Have You Done?2010-09-13AET
S01E25 His Hero2010-09-20AET
S01E26 Gut Grinder2010-09-27AET
S02E01 It Came from the Nightosphere2010-10-11AET
S02E02 The Eyes2010-10-18AET
S02E03 Loyalty to the King2010-10-25AET
S02E04 Blood Under the Skin2010-11-01AET
S02E05 Storytelling2010-11-08AET
S02E06 Slow Love2010-11-15AET
S02E07 Power Animal2010-11-22AET
S02E08 Crystals Have Power2010-11-29AET
S02E09 The Other Tarts2011-01-03AET
S02E10 To Cut a Woman's Hair2011-01-10AET
S02E11 The Chamber of Frozen Blades2011-01-17AET
S02E12 Her Parents2011-01-24AET
S02E13 The Pods2011-01-31AET
S02E14 The Silent King2011-02-07AET
S02E15 The Real You2011-02-14AET
S02E16 Guardians of Sunshine2011-02-21AET
S02E17 Death in Bloom2011-02-28AET
S02E18 Susan Strong2011-03-07AET
997 AMB
Finn is 13
S02E19 Mystery Train2011-03-14AET
S02E20 Go With Me2011-03-28AET
S02E21 Belly of the Beast2011-04-04AET
S02E22 The Limit2011-04-11AET
S02E23 Video Makers2011-04-18AET
S02E24 Mortal Folly2011-05-02AET
S02E25 Mortal Recoil
S02E26 Heat Signature2011-05-09AET
S03E01 Conquest of Cuteness2011-07-11AET
S03E02 Morituri Te Salutamus2011-07-18AET
S03E03 Memory of a Memory2011-07-25AET
S03E04 Hitman2011-08-01AET
S03E05 Too Young2011-08-08AET
S03E06 The Monster2011-08-15AET
S03E07 Still2011-08-22AET
S03E08 Wizard Battle2011-08-29AET
S03E09 Fionna and Cake2011-09-05AET
S03E10 What Was Missing2011-09-26AET
Candy Kingdom Song2011-10-01PRM
S03E11 Apple Thief2011-10-03AET
S03E12 The Creeps2011-10-17AET
S03E13 From Bad to Worse2011-10-24AET
S03E14 Beautopia2011-11-07AET
S03E15 No One Can Hear You2011-11-14AET
S03E16 Jake vs. Me-Mow2011-11-21AET
S03E17 Thank You2011-11-23AET
S03E18 The New Frontier2011-11-28AET
S03E19 Holly Jolly Secrets Part I2011-12-05AET
S03E20 Holly Jolly Secrets Part II
S03E21 Marceline's Closet2011-12-12AET
S03E22 Paper Pete2012-01-16AET
S03E23 Another Way2012-01-23AET
S03E24 Ghost Princess2012-01-30AET
S03E25 Dad's Dungeon2012-02-06AET
998 AMB
Finn is 14
Adventure Time #1: Part 1 of 42012-02-08CBB
My Cider the MountainB
S03E26 Incendium2012-02-13AET
Adventure Time #2: Part 2 of 42012-03-14CBB
After the ShowB
S04E01 Hot to the Touch2012-04-02AET
S04E02 Five Short Graybles2012-04-09AET
Adventure Time #3: Part 3 of 42012-04-11CBB
Bacon FieldsM
The Ride of Sir SlicerB
S04E03 Web Weirdos2012-04-16AET
S04E04 Dream of Love2012-04-23AET
S04E05 Return to the Nightosphere2012-04-30AET
S04E06 Daddy's Little Monster
Free Comic Book Day 20122012-05-05CBB
S04E07 In Your Footsteps2012-05-07AET
S04E08 Hug Wolf2012-05-14AET
Adventure Time #4: Part 4 of 42012-05-16CBB
The Ultimate Party DipB
S04E09 Princess Monster Wife2012-05-28AET
S04E10 Goliad2012-06-04AET
Legends of Ooo2012-06-07VGB
S04E11 Beyond This Earthly Realm2012-06-11AET
S04E12 Gotcha!2012-06-18AET
Adventure Time #5: Part 1 of 52012-06-20CBB
Emit ErutnevdaB
Ice KingdumbB
S04E13 Princess Cookie2012-06-25AET
The Wand2012-07-10AST
Marceline and the Scream Queens #12012-07-11CBB
Resurrection SongB
S04E14 Card Wars2012-07-16AET
Adventure Time #6: Part 2 of 52012-07-18CBB
Level 99B
S04E15 Sons of Mars2012-07-23AET
S04E16 Burning Low2012-07-30AET
S04E17 BMO Noire2012-08-06AET
Marceline and the Scream Queens #22012-08-08CBB
Grumpy ButtB
S04E18 King Worm2012-08-13AET
S04E19 Lady & Peebles2012-08-20AET
Adventure Time #7: Part 3 of 52012-08-22CBB
Time Waits for No OneB
Lumpy Space DramaB
S04E20 You Made Me2012-08-27AET
S04E21 Who Would Win2012-09-03AET
Marceline and the Scream Queens #32012-09-12CBB
Fruit Salad DaysB
S04E22 Ignition Point2012-09-17AET
Adventure Time #8: Part 4 of 52012-09-26CBB
Happy Birthday Hot Dog PrincessB
S04E23 The Hard Easy2012-10-01AET
S04E24 Reign of Gunters2012-10-08AET
Marceline and the Scream Queens #42012-10-10CBB
The BootleggerB
Righteous Rules for Being Awesome2012-10-11BKB
S04E25 I Remember You2012-10-15AET
S04E26 The Lich2012-10-22AET
Adventure Time #9: Part 5 of 52012-10-24CBB
S05E01 Finn the Human2012-11-12AET
S05E02 Jake the Dog
Marceline and the Scream Queens #52012-11-14CBB
Communication IssuesM
S05E03 Five More Short Graybles2012-11-19AET
Hey Ice King! Why'd You Steal Our Garbage?!!2012-11-20VGM
S05E04 Up a Tree2012-11-26AET
Adventure Time #102012-11-28CBB
Hot Deals in Ice KingdomB
Finn and Jake's Epic Quest2012-11-29VGB
S05E05 All the Little People2012-12-03AET
Marceline and the Scream Queens #62012-12-12CBB
Coffin BreakB
Adventure Time #11: Part 1 of 42012-12-19CBB
The Meaning of BraveryB
Get Your Lump On with Lumpy Space Princess2012-12-27BKB
Fionna & Cake #12013-01-02CBM
The Sweater BanditB
S05E06 Jake the Dad2013-01-07AET
S05E07 Davey2013-01-14AET
S05E08 Mystery Dungeon2013-01-21AET
S05E09 All Your Fault2013-01-28AET
Adventure Time #12: Part 2 of 42013-01-30CBB
The Ice King & his Magical Matchmaking Mini-ComicB
S05E10 Little Dude2013-02-04AET
Fionna & Cake #22013-02-06CBM
Cootie Power: Part 1 of 2B
S05E11 Bad Little Boy2013-02-18AET
Adventure Time #13: Part 3 of 42013-02-20CBB
The Devilish Devourer of Delicious DelicaciesB
The Princess of Rad Hats: Part 1 of 2B
S05E12 Vault of Bones2013-02-25AET
S05E13 The Great Bird Man2013-03-04AET
Fionna & Cake #32013-03-06CBM
Sour CandyB
Rock Bandits2013-03-14VGB
Adventure Time #14: Part 4 of 42013-03-20CBB
The Princess of Rad Hats: Part 2 of 2B
Tales from the Land of Ooo2013-03-21BKB
S05E14 Simon & Marcy2013-03-25AET
S05E15 A Glitch is a Glitch2013-04-01AEN
S05E16 Puhoy2013-04-08AET
Fionna & Cake #42013-04-10CBM
S05E17 BMO Lost2013-04-15AET
Adventure Time #152013-04-17CBB
Give Us Back BMO!B
S05E18 Princess Potluck2013-04-22AET
S05E19 James Baxter the Horse2013-05-06AET
S05E20 Shh!2013-05-13AET
Vol. 1: Playing With Fire2013-05-15GNB
Adventure Time with BMO!B
S05E21 The Suitor2013-05-20AET
Adventure Time #16: Part 1 of 42013-05-22CBB
Opposite DayB
Ninja PrincessB
Fionna & Cake #52013-05-22CBM
Cootie Power: Part 2 of 2B
S05E22 The Party's Over, Isla de SeƱorita2013-05-27AET
2013 Annual2013-05-29CB
A, You're Adventurous!B
A Sword Most AwesomeB
No Dogs AllowedB
Dungeons and DessertsB
The SummiteersB
The Lemon SeaB
Fionna & Cake #62013-06-03CBM
S05E23 One Last Job2013-06-10AET
S05E24 Another Five More Short Graybles2013-06-17AET
S05E25 Candy Streets2013-06-24AET
Adventure Time #17: Part 2 of 42013-06-26CBB
Silly String TheoryB
Destination: Ooo2013-06-27BKB
Get on the Mic2013-06-27BKB
Which Way Dude?: BMO's Day Out2013-06-27BKB
S05E26 Wizards Only, Fools2013-07-01AET
999 AMB
Finn is 15
Candy Capers #12013-07-01CBB
S05E27 Jake Suit2013-07-15AET
Adventure Time #18: Part 3 of 42013-07-17CBB
Publish or PerishB
S05E28 Be More2013-07-22AET
The Adventure Time Encyclopaedia2013-07-22BKM
S05E29 Sky Witch2013-07-29AET
2013 Summer Special2013-07-31CB
Desert TreasureB
The Sucker SeekerM
A Penny BurnedB
S05E30 Frost & Fire2013-08-05AET
Candy Capers #22013-08-07CBB
S05E31 Too Old2013-08-12AET
Adventure Time #19: Part 4 of 42013-08-21CBB
S05E32 Earth & Water2013-09-02AET
S05E33 Time Sandwich2013-09-09AET
Candy Capers #32013-09-11CBB
S05E34 The Vault2013-09-16AET
Adventure Time #202013-09-18CBB
Grocery Time Part 1 of 2B
S05E35 Love Games2013-09-23AET
What the What?2013-09-26BKB
S05E36 Dungeon Train2013-09-30AET
S05E37 Box Prince2013-10-07AET
Candy Capers #42013-10-09CBB
S05E38 Red Starved2013-10-14AET
Adventure Time #21: Part 1 of 42013-10-16CBB
Beach Bum Boogie!B
S05E39 We Fixed a Truck2013-10-21AET
2013 Spoooktacular2013-10-30CB
Costume PartyB
Secret 'StacheB
Halloween HorticultureB
Bad Girl Gone GoodB
S05E40 Play Date2013-11-04AET
Vol. 2: Pixel Princesses2013-11-06GNB
The Mind of GunterB
Candy Capers #52013-11-13CBB
Explore the Dungeon Because I DON'T KNOW!2013-11-15VGM
S05E41 The Pit2013-11-18AET
Adventure Time #22: Part 2 of 42013-11-20CBB
Grocery Time Part 2 of 2B
S05E42 James2013-11-25AET
S05E43 Root Beer Guy2013-12-02AET
Ski Safari: Adventure Time2013-12-05VGN
Candy Capers #62013-12-11CBB
Adventure Time #23: Part 3 of 42013-12-18CBB
Booty and the BeastB
Which Way Dude?: Jake Goes Bananas2013-12-26BKB
The Flip Side #12014-01-08CBB
S05E44 Apple Wedding2014-01-13AET
S05E45 Blade of Grass2014-01-20AET
Adventure Time #24: Part 4 of 42014-01-22CBB
A Day in the Life of a BunB
S05E46 Rattleballs2014-01-27AET
2014 Winter Special2014-01-29CB
Snow HopeM
Pups in PerilB
A Sour WinterB
Eye ScreamB
The Flip Side #22014-02-05CBB
Card Wars2014-02-07VGB
S05E47 The Red Throne2014-02-10AET
Adventure Time #252014-02-19CBB
S05E48 Betty2014-02-24AET
S05E49 Bad Timing2014-03-03AET
Vol. 3: Seeing Red2014-03-05GNB
LSP's PurseB
The Flip Side #32014-03-05CBB
S05E50 Lemonhope Part One2014-03-10AET
S05E51 Lemonhope Part Two
S05E52 Billy's Bucket List2014-03-17AET
Adventure Time #26: Part 1 of 42014-03-19CBB
Sphagnum ShmagnumB
BMO's Character File2014-03-20BKB
The Flip Side #42014-04-02CBB
S06E01 Wake Up2014-04-21AET
S06E02 Escape from the Citadel
Adventure Time #27: Part 2 of 42014-04-23CBB
Jelly Wars: Part 1 of 2B
S06E03 James II2014-04-28AET
2014 Annual2014-04-30CBB
Short CakesB
S06E04 The Tower2014-05-05AET
The Flip Side #52014-05-07CBB
S06E05 Sad Face2014-05-12AET
Adventure Time #28: Part 3 of 42014-05-21CBB
Jelly Wars: Part 2 of 2B
The Flip Side #62014-06-04CBB
S06E06 Breezy2014-06-05AET
These Lumps2014-06-06VGB
S06E07 Food Chain2014-06-12AEN
Adventure Time #29: Part 4 of 42014-06-18CBB
A Dish Best Served GrossB
S06E08 Furniture & Meat2014-06-19AET
S06E09 The Prince Who Wanted Everything2014-06-26AET
S06E10 Something Big2014-07-03AET
Banana Guard Academy #12014-07-09CBM
I Like to PartyB
S06E11 Little Brother2014-07-10AET
Adventure Time #302014-07-16CBB
S06E12 Ocarina2014-07-17AET
S06E13 Thanks for the Crabapples, Giuseppe!2014-07-24AET
Epic Tales from Adventure Time: Queen of Rogues2014-07-26BKN
Epic Tales from Adventure Time: The Untamed Scoundrel2014-07-26BKN
S06E14 Princess Day2014-07-31AET
Time Tangle2014-08-02VGB
S06E15 Nemesis2014-08-07AET
S06E16 Joshua & Margaret Investigations2014-08-14AET
Adventure Time #31: Part 1 of 42014-08-20CBB
Lemongrab's MakeoverB
Banana Guard Academy #22014-08-20CBM
Adventure Time #32: Part 2 of 42014-09-10CBB
Mystery Plop: Part 1 of 2B
Treasure Fetch2014-09-16VGB
The Original Cartoon Title Cards Seasons 1 & 22014-09-23BKP
Banana Guard Academy #32014-10-08CBM
The Art of Ooo2014-10-14BKP
A Christmas-tastic Carol2014-10-16BKN
S06E17 Ghost Fly2014-10-28AET
Adventure Time #332014-10-29CBB
Banana Guard Academy #42014-10-29CBM
Vol. 4: Bitter Sweets2014-11-05GNB
Forest Princess Gets a PetB
The Secret of the Nameless Kingdom2014-11-18VGM
S06E18 Everything's Jake2014-11-24AET
S06E19 Is That You?2014-11-25AET
S06E20 Jake the Brick2014-11-26AET
Banana Guard Academy #52014-11-26CBM
S06E21 Dentist2014-11-28AET
Adventure Time #34: Part 4 of 42014-12-03CBB
Mystery Plop: Part 2 of 2B
S06E22 The Cooler2014-12-04AET
Banana Guard Academy #62014-12-17CBM
Adventure Time #352014-12-24CBB
S06E23 The Pajama War2015-01-08AET
Marceline Gone Adrift #12015-01-14CBB
Adventure Time Game Wizard2015-01-14VGN
S06E24 Evergreen2015-01-15AET
S06E25 Astral Plane2015-01-22AET
Adventure Time #36: Part 1 of 42015-01-28CBB
Grand PrizeB
S06E26 Gold Stars2015-01-29AET
S06E27 The Visitor2015-02-05AET
Marceline Gone Adrift #22015-02-11CBB
S06E28 The Mountain2015-02-12AET
S06E29 Dark Purple2015-02-19AET
Which Way Dude?: Lumpy Space Princess Saves the World2015-02-24BKB
Adventure Time #37: Part 2 of 42015-02-25CBB
Same Math... Different DayB
S06E30 The Diary2015-02-26AET
S06E31 Walnuts & Rain2015-03-05AET
Marceline Gone Adrift #32015-03-11CBB
Adventure Time #38: Part 3 of 42015-03-25CBB
Worst DayB
Vol. 5: Graybles Schmaybles2015-04-01GNB
BMO and FlanB
Marceline Gone Adrift #42015-04-08CBB
S06E32 Friends Forever2015-04-16AET
Adventure Time #39: Part 4 of 42015-04-22CBB
Grocery KingdomB
S06E33 Jermaine2015-04-23AET
S06E34 Chips and Ice Cream2015-04-30AET
S06E35 Graybles 1000+2015-05-07AET
Marceline Gone Adrift #52015-05-13CBB
S06E36 Hoots2015-05-14AET
S06E37 Water Park Prank2015-05-21AEM
Adventure Time Puzzle Quest2015-05-21VGB
Adventure Time #402015-05-27CBB
Axe Before TakingB
1000 AMB
Finn is 16
S06E38 You Forgot Your Floaties2015-06-01AET
S06E39 Be Sweet2015-06-02AET
S06E40 Orgalorg2015-06-03AET
S06E41 On the Lam2015-06-04AET
S06E42 Hot Diggity Doom2015-06-05AET
S06E43 The Comet
Marceline Gone Adrift #62015-06-10CBB
Adventure Time #41: Part 1 of 42015-06-24CBB
Dad OlympicsB
Graybles Allsorts: All's Well That Rats Swell2015-07-06AST
Fionna & Cake: Card Wars #12015-07-15CBB
Adventure Time #42: Part 2 of 42015-07-22CBB
Rockstars of Ooo2015-07-31VGB
Graybles Allsorts: Have You Seen the Muffin Mess?2015-08-03AST
The Original Cartoon Title Cards Seasons 3 & 42015-08-04BKP
Fionna & Cake: Card Wars #22015-08-19CBB
Adventure Time #43: Part 3 of 42015-08-26CBB
Open MicB
An Algebraic A to Z2015-09-03BKB
Fionna & Cake: Card Wars #32015-09-16CBB
Magic Man's Head Games2015-09-16VGB
Adventure Time #44: Part 4 of 42015-09-23CBB
Tiger and the MoonB
Epic Tales from Adventure Time: The Lonesome Outlaw2015-09-29BKN
Graybles Allsorts: Sow, Do You Like Them Apples?2015-10-01AST
Graybles Allsorts: The Gift That Reaps Giving2015-10-01AST
The Enchiridion & Marcy's Super Secret Scrapbook2015-10-06BKM
Adventure Time #452015-10-14CBB
Finders KeepersB
Finn & Jake Investigations2015-10-20VGB
Fionna & Cake: Card Wars #42015-10-21CBB
2015 Spoooktacular2015-10-28CBM
S07E01 Bonnie and Neddy2015-11-02AET
S07E02 Varmints2015-11-03AET
S07E03 Cherry Cream Soda2015-11-04AET
S07E04 Mama Said2015-11-05AET
S07E05 Football2015-11-06AET
Adventure Time #46: Part 1 of 42015-11-11CBB
Water StrikeB
Vol. 6: Masked Mayhem2015-11-11GNB
Starchy Cleans UpB
S07E06 Stakes Part 1: Marceline the Vampire Queen2015-11-16AET
S07E07 Stakes Part 2: Everything Stays2015-11-16AET
S07E08 Stakes Part 3: Vamps About2015-11-17AET
S07E09 Stakes Part 4: The Empress Eyes2015-11-17AET
Marceline's Hot Minute2015-11-17PRM
S07E10 Stakes Part 5: May I Come In?2015-11-18AET
S07E11 Stakes Part 6: Take Her Back2015-11-18AET
Fionna & Cake: Card Wars #52015-11-18CBB
S07E12 Stakes Part 7: Checkmate2015-11-19AET
S07E13 Stakes Part 8: The Dark Cloud2015-11-19AET
Finn & Jake Investigations: Artifact Checking2015-12-02VGB
S07E14 The More You Moe, the Moe You Know Part 12015-12-03AET
S07E15 The More You Moe, the Moe You Know Part 2
Adventure Time #47: Part 2 of 42015-12-09CBB
Sick DayB
BMO Snaps2015-12-10VGB
Fionna & Cake: Card Wars #62015-12-16CBB
S07E16 Summer Showers2016-01-07AET
S07E17 Angel Face2016-01-11AET
S07E18 President Porpoise is Missing!2016-01-12AET
S07E19 Blank-Eyed Girl2016-01-13AET
Adventure Time #48: Part 3 of 42016-01-13CBB
Flowers for Paulticore: Part 1 of 2B
S07E20 Bad Jubies2016-01-14AEN
S07E21 King's Ransom2016-01-15AET
Ice King #12016-01-20CBM
S07E22 Scamps2016-01-21AET
S07E23 Crossover2016-01-28AET
Adventure Time #49: Part 4 of 42016-02-10CBB
Flowers for Paulticore: Part 2 of 2B
Ice King #22016-02-17CBM
S07E24 The Hall of Egress2016-03-05AET
Adventure Time #502016-03-09CBB
S07E25 Flute Spell2016-03-12AET
Ice King #32016-03-16CBM
S07E26 The Thin Yellow Line2016-03-19AET
S08E01 Broke His Crown2016-03-26AET
S08E02 Don't Look2016-04-02AET
Frog Seasons, Spring2016-04-02AST
S08E03 Beyond the Grotto2016-04-09AET
Frog Seasons, Summer2016-04-09AST
Adventure Time #51: Part 1 of 32016-04-13CBB
S08E04 Lady Rainicorn of the Crystal Dimension2016-04-16AET
Frog Seasons, Autumn2016-04-16AST
Ice King #42016-04-20CBM
Fist Bump Cavalcade2016-04-22CB
What's in the Box?B
Apple Pie OrderB
Swap or NotB
An Egg-cellent AdventureB
Sledge ScammerB
Level UpB
Don't Be a Nut, Be a DonutB
Invasion of the Giant Candy-Building-Eating Hedgehogs of DoomB
Be Careful What You Wish ForB
Finn and Jake's Never-Ending Death-Defying QuestB
S08E05 I Am a Sword2016-04-23AET
Frog Seasons, Winter2016-04-23AST
Vol. 7: The Four Castles2016-05-04GNB
S08E06 Bun Bun2016-05-05AET
Adventure Time #52: Part 2 of 32016-05-11CBB
S08E07 Normal Man2016-05-12AET
Ice King #52016-05-18CBM
S08E08 Elemental2016-05-19AET
Happy Ending Song2016-05-21PRM
S08E09 Five Short Tables2016-05-26AET
Adventure Time #53: Part 3 of 32016-06-08CBB
Ice King #62016-06-15CBM
S08E10 The Music Hole2016-06-23AET
Epic Tales from Adventure Time: The Virtue of Ardor2016-06-28BKN
S08E11 Daddy-Daughter Card Wars2016-07-07AET
Adventure Time #54: Part 1 of 42016-07-13CBB
Card Wars Kingdom2016-07-14VGB
Adventure Time Comics #12016-07-27CB
Toothpaste FairyB
Stand Next To MeB
Goliad Gets a BreakB
Good ShelfB
Adventure Time #55: Part 2 of 42016-08-10CBB
Adventure Time Comics #22016-08-24CB
Dirty DungeonB
The Greatest Warrior EverB
Riviera ReverieB
Finn's LullabyB
Frog Seasons, Spring (Again)2016-09-02AST
Adventure Time #56: Part 3 of 42016-09-14CBB
2016 Spoooktacular2016-09-21CB
Movie NightB
Tummy TroubleB
Wild HuntB
The GuntheringB
Vol. 8: President Bubblegum2016-09-27GNB
LEGO Dimensions2016-09-27VGN
Adventure Time Comics #32016-09-28CB
BMO DeluxeB
Finders KeepersB
Lost in SpaceB
I See Ooo2016-09-29VGB
Adventure Time #57: Part 4 of 42016-10-12CBB
How to Warrior by Fionna and Cake2016-10-12BKB
Adventure Time Comics #42016-10-19CB
It's All Fun and GamesB
Moon BeamB
Ticked OffB
To the NorthB
Card Wars Official Guide2016-10-25BKB
Halloween Special2016-10-31PRB
Adventure Time #58: Part 1 of 42016-11-09CBB
Adventure Time Comics #52016-11-16CB
Wizard's QuestB
Friend or FoeB
Cake BakesB
Burn BrightB
S08E12 Preboot2016-11-19AET
S08E13 Reboot
The Official Cookbook2016-11-30BKB
Fish DaysB
Adventure Time #59: Part 2 of 42016-12-07CBB
Adventure Time Comics #62016-12-21CB
Wishing For Dem Sweet Wish TacosB
The Princess MegathalonB
The SubletB
No ChillB
Adventure Time #60: Part 3 of 42017-01-04CBB
Marshall Lee Spectacular2017-01-18CB
Not FunnyB
The Bravest PrinceB
It's Not Hard to be BadB
Adventure Time Comics #72017-01-18CB
Gunter the HeroB
Better DietB
Spring CleaningB
Sick KicksB
I'm LostB
S08E14 Two Swords2017-01-23AET
S08E15 Do No Harm
S08E16 Wheels2017-01-24AET
S08E17 High Strangeness2017-01-25AET
S08E18 Horse and Ball2017-01-26AET
S08E19 Jelly Beans Have Power2017-01-27AET
S08E20 Islands Part 1: The Invitation2017-01-30AET
S08E21 Islands Part 2: Whipple the Happy Dragon2017-01-30AET
S08E22 Islands Part 3: Mysterious Island2017-01-31AET
S08E23 Islands Part 4: Imaginary Resources2017-01-31AET
S08E24 Islands Part 5: Hide and Seek2017-02-01AET
S08E25 Islands Part 6: Min and Marty2017-02-01AET
Adventure Time #61: Part 4 of 42017-02-01CBB
S08E26 Islands Part 7: Helpers2017-02-02AET
S08E27 Islands Part 8: The Light Cloud2017-02-02AET
Champions & Challengers2017-02-11VGB
Adventure Time Comics #82017-02-15CB
Sing a SongB
Friendship and Junk2017-02-28BKB
Adventure Time #62: Part 1 of 42017-03-01CBB
Mysteries of Ooo - Finn the Human2017-03-09PRB
Adventure Time Comics #92017-03-15CB
Bad RadishesB
The LAN PartyB
The Forgetting TreeB
Just PeachyB
Mysteries of Ooo - Jake the Dog2017-03-16PRB
Mysteries of Ooo - BMO2017-03-23PRB
Vol. 9: Brain Robbers2017-03-27GNB
Adventure Time #63: Part 2 of 42017-04-05CBB
Adventure Time Comics #102017-04-19CB
Winning at WinningB
Diamond MonsterB
Sunday MorningB
Third EyeB
S09E01 Orb2017-04-21AET
S09E02 Elements Part 1: Skyhooks2017-04-24AET
S09E03 Elements Part 2: Bespoken For2017-04-24AET
S09E04 Elements Part 3: Winter Light2017-04-25AET
S09E05 Elements Part 4: Cloudy2017-04-25AET
S09E06 Elements Part 5: Slime Central2017-04-26AET
S09E07 Elements Part 6: Happy Warrior2017-04-26AET
Adventure Time Run2017-04-26VGB
S09E08 Elements Part 7: Hero Heart2017-04-27AET
S09E09 Elements Part 8: Skyhooks II2017-04-27AET
Adventure Time #64: Part 3 of 42017-05-03CBB
Hero Time with Finn & Jake2017-05-05BKB
Adventure Time Comics #112017-05-17CB
Princess Rap BattleB
Laugh Cry LaughB
Feeling PeachyB
Mysteries of Ooo - Lumpy Space Princess2017-05-27PRB
Adventure Time #65: Part 4 of 42017-06-07CBB
Adventure Time Comics #122017-06-21CB
Future's FuturesB
Sundae MorningB
Playing with GiantsB
Adventure Time #66: Part 1 of 42017-07-05CBB
Mysteries of Ooo - Marceline2017-07-06PRB
S09E10 Abstract2017-07-17AET
S09E11 Ketchup2017-07-18AET
Vol. 10: The Ooorient Express2017-07-18GNB
S09E12 Fionna and Cake and Fionna2017-07-19AET
Adventure Time Comics #132017-07-19CB
The Forgotten PrincessB
Body by JakeB
Magic Man & Tiny ManticoreB
Chock Full o' StuffB
S09E13 Whispers2017-07-20AET
S09E14 Three Buckets2017-07-21AET
Adventure Time/Regular Show #12017-08-02CBN
Adventure Time #67: Part 2 of 42017-08-09CBB
Adventure Time Comics #142017-08-16CB
Finn versus FinnB
For the Love of OooB
Where the Slime LiveB
Finn and Jake's Island Travelogue2017-08-29BKB
Adventure Time #68: Part 3 of 42017-09-06CBB
Adventure Time/Regular Show #22017-09-13CBN
Mysteries of Ooo - Flame Princess2017-09-16PRB
S10E01 The Wild Hunt2017-09-17AET
S10E02 Always BMO Closing2017-09-17AET
S10E03 Son of Rap Bear2017-09-17AET
S10E04 Bonnibel Bubblegum2017-09-17AET
Adventure Time Comics #152017-09-20CB
The Thumb-derdomeB
Crab AttackB
Mightier than the FistB
Mysteries of Ooo - Gunter2017-09-22PRB
Mysteries of Ooo - Lady Rainicorn2017-09-28PRB
Adventure Time #69: Part 4 of 42017-10-04CBB
Mysteries of Ooo - Earl of Lemongrab2017-10-04PRB
2017 Spoooktacular2017-10-11CB
The Morning RitualB
War of the MagiciansB
Gumball's MasqueradeB
Candy in the HouseB
Adventure Time/Regular Show #32017-10-11CBN
Adventure Time Comics #162017-10-18CB
The Bummer Story of Choose GooseB
Cosmo CustodianB
Training DayB
Adventure Time #70: Part 1 of 42017-11-01CBB
Mysteries of Ooo - Magic Man2017-11-02PRB
Adventure Time/Regular Show #42017-11-08CBN
Mysteries of Ooo - Tree Trunks2017-11-14PRB
Adventure Time Comics #172017-11-15CB
Happy Birthday in Ooo!B
Marceline's Lumpy Space PartyB
Escape RoomB
Finn's SandwichB
Mysteries of Ooo - Peppermint Butler2017-11-21PRB
Adventure Time #71: Part 2 of 42017-12-06CBB
Adventure Time/Regular Show #52017-12-13CBN
1001 AMB
Finn is 17
S10E05 Seventeen2017-12-17AET
S10E06 Ring of Fire2017-12-17AET
S10E07 Marcy & Hunson2017-12-17AET
S10E08 The First Investigation2017-12-17AET
Adventure Time Comics #182017-12-20CB
Magic PencilB
Visions of PaternityB
Dream a Little Dream of OooB
Vampyre TideB
Adventure Time #72: Part 3 of 42018-01-03CBB
Adventure Time/Regular Show #62018-01-10CBN
Mysteries of Ooo - Ice King2018-01-16PRB
Adventure Time Comics #192018-01-17CB
The ImpostersB
Banana Man's Fantastical Amazi-fying Race Against DeathB
A Day with Ice FinnB
Vol. 11: Princess and Princess2018-01-24GNB
Adventure Time #73: Part 4 of 42018-02-07CBB
Adventure Time Comics #202018-02-21CB
Marceline the Derby QueenB
Epic Yard SaleB
Funny Lines with Finn and Jake | Snail Shell2018-03-04PRM
Funny Lines with Finn and Jake | Gnarly Claws2018-03-04PRM
Funny Lines with Finn and Jake | Broken Hands2018-03-04PRM
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Funny Lines with Finn and Jake | Cross Bow2018-03-04PRM
Funny Lines with Finn and Jake | The Tempest2018-03-04PRM
Funny Lines with Finn and Jake | Sloth Prom2018-03-04PRM
Adventure Time #742018-03-07CBB
S10E09 Blenanas2018-03-18AET
S10E10 Jake the Starchild2018-03-18AET
S10E11 Temple of Mars2018-03-18AET
S10E12 Gumbaldia2018-03-18AET
Adventure Time Comics #212018-03-21CB
Ricardio ArrhythmiaB
Masters of the Powerskull SwordB
One Hour of Relaxing Blizzard Sounds2018-03-27PRM
Banana Service Announcement | Running2018-03-27PRM
BMO Bonanza2018-03-28CB
Garden TherapyB
BMO's TripB
Ms. QinoB
Dad DanceB
BMO NoireB
Treehouse M.D.B
Does it Fall? | Cup of Soda2018-04-03PRM
Does it Fall? | Bag of Chips2018-04-10PRM
Adventure Time Comics #222018-04-11CB
Gladiator RealmB
Pepper PowerB
Favorite ShirtB
Billy the HeroB
Sword of the SunB
Banana Service Announcement | Know Your Chairs2018-04-13PRM
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Does it Fall? | Box of Nails2018-04-24PRM
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Free Comic Book Day 20182018-05-05CBB
Adventure Time Comics #232018-05-09CB
Forever (Not) AloneB
Key to the Breakfast KingdomB
Pickling with PrismoB
The ArcadeB
Does it Fall? | Can of Beans2018-05-18PRM
Beginning of the End #12018-05-23CBB
Adventure Time 100 Project2018-05-30BKN
Vol. 12: Thunder Road2018-06-13GNB
Adventure Time Comics #242018-06-13CB
Beginning of the End #22018-06-27CBB
Pirates of the Enchiridion2018-07-17VGB
Adventure Time Comics #252018-07-18CB
Bus StopB
Candy FinnB
SDCC 2018: Ble crew zine2018-07-18CBP
SDCC 2018: P.B. & Marcy2018-07-18CBB
Diamonds and Lemons2018-07-20AEN
Beginning of the End #32018-07-25CBB
Bloons Adventure Time TD2018-08-30VGN
S10E13 Come Along With Me Part 12018-09-03AET
S10E14 Come Along With Me Part 2
S10E15 Come Along With Me Part 3
S10E16 Come Along With Me Part 4
Season 11 #1: Part 1 of 42018-10-10CBB
Beginning of the End #4 (collected edition bonus chapter)2018-10-17CBB
Season 11 #2: Part 2 of 42018-11-14CBB
Season 11 #3: Part 3 of 42018-12-12CBB
Season 11 #4: Part 4 of 42019-01-09CBB
Marcy & Simon #12019-01-16CBM
Come Along With Me Music Video2019-01-30PRM
Season 11 #52019-02-13CBB
Marcy & Simon #22019-02-20CBM
Marceline the Pirate Queen2019-02-20GNB
Season 11 #62019-03-13CBB
Marcy & Simon #32019-03-20CBM
Season 11 #72019-04-10CBB
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Season 11 #82019-05-08CBB
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Season 11 #92019-06-12CBB
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Season 11 #102019-07-10CBB
Season 11 #112019-08-14CBB
Fionna & Cake: Party Bash Blues2019-08-20GNB
Season 11 #122019-09-11CBB